A Passion for Flowers in 3-D Peyote Stitch-PDF download

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  • This book is the result of a challenge from one of my readers. The patterns are a combination of engineering and bead artistry but the engineering is done for you so you get the fun of watching your flowers bloom one bead at a time.  
  • The flowers in this book are three dimensional, complete on all sides including stems, bracts, and some leaves. They can also be made without the stems for a flatter application. 
  • Flowers include Purple Passion Flower, Carnation, Blue Aster, Gaillardia (also called Blanket Flowers), Bright Lights variety of Cosmos, Nasturtium, Lilac, Seashell Cosmos in either single color or bi-color, Columbine, and Snap Dragon. 
  • The designs have detailed instructions and are fully illustrated with over 300 color photographs and diagrams. 
  • All designs are original  by Sheila Root
  • All flowers are approximately life size
  • Made with size 11/0 round seed beads and Size 15/0 round seed beads are used for shaping, to smooth edges, and for some of the more delicate parts where 11/0 are just too big.  If you can't work with tiny beads you could replace the 11/0 beads with 8/0 and the 15/0 with 11/0; you will just get bigger flowers. 
  • Glass beads can be heavy so wire is used as an armature in the stems and a few flower parts. 
  • Not for beginners: this book is for the serious beader!  If you love those magazine articles about making a necklace this afternoon and wearing it out for dinner, this book is not for you. You cannot start a bridal bouquet on Friday and have it ready for a Sunday wedding. That is not to say you must be an advanced beader. If you have some patience and can follow detailed directions, you can make these flowers. 
  • Basic peyote stitch instructions are NOT covered in this book. You need to know even and odd count, increasing and decreasing within rows and at the end of rows. 
  • 6-11 colors per flower including stems and bracts
  • 70 pages, including the cover

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