Beaded Miniatures: A Queen Anne House

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  • Beaded Miniatures: A Queen Anne House is one of a set of two books designed to complement each other. 
  • This book contains all the patterns and directions needed to create a Queen Anne style house from the 1890-1910 era in 1/48th scale. 
  • The second book, Beaded Miniatures: A Victorian Family & Furniture (sold separately), contains the patterns and directions for making a family, and the furniture and accessories to furnish the Queen Anne house. 
  • The house is designed with lap siding, a stone foundation, a small front porch, and a tower. The interior includes the hall, parlor, bathroom, bedroom, and child’s room, all with the equivalent of ten-foot ceilings, wallpapers, draperies, carpets, rugs, tile and wood floors. The rooms have light fixtures included and the bathroom has all the plumbing fixtures included. 
  • The house is open on the back like a dollhouse. 
  • Each level of the house is beaded separately to make interior access easy for adding furniture and accessories. The pieces are easily assembled into the whole house. 
  • Peyote stitch with Japanese cylinder beads (Delicas) is used for most of the house, plus a little brick stitch and ladder stitch. 
  • The interior and exterior walls, floors, and ceilings are all 2-drop peyote stitch (same number of beads but with half the stitches!). The roof is made with 3-drop peyote stitch to better imitate the shingles. 
  • Light fixtures and bathroom fixtures also need some round beads, crystals, bugle beads, seed beads, and metal bead caps and rondels, all in small sizes (3-6mm). 
  • Both diagrams and word charts are included. 
  • The instructions are detailed with written explanations, and about 300 color photographs and diagrams to clarify all directions. 
  • Basic instructions for peyote and brick stitch are not included, however instructions are given for any less-familiar techniques or those specific to this book. 
  • This project is designed for the person who loves to bead but just doesn’t need any more peyote stitch bracelets! 
  • It is NOT a beginner’s project and is not suitable for the person who wants to make it in a weekend. 
  • Yes, it takes a lot of beads (approximately 102,000), however many colors only need a smaller quantity so you can use up a lot of leftovers from other projects. The quantities needed are divided up by item (for example, all the colors in the parlor rug are listed separately from the colors in the wallpaper even though the sample may have used the same color in both) to make it easier to determine how to use up leftovers. It’s a fairly ambitious project but ends up as an heirloom piece of bead work.
  • 142 pages, Paperback
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