Beaded Miniatures: A Victorian Family & Furniture

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  • Beaded Miniatures: A Victorian Family & Furniture is one of a set of two books designed to complement each other. This book contains all the patterns and directions needed to make a family and furniture in 1/48th scale. 
  • The second book, Beaded Miniatures: A Queen Anne House (sold separately), contains the patterns and directions for making a Queen Anne style house from the 1890-1910 era. 
  • The furnishings in this book are designed to fit the Queen Anne house, however they could also be used in a shadowbox display or other dollhouse of the same scale. 
  • The family includes mother, father, and daughter. Furniture is included for the hall, parlor, bedroom, and child’s room, plus accessories such as lamps, picture frames, and table top accessories. 
  • Peyote stitch (even and odd count) is used for most of the patterns, plus a little brick stitch and ladder stitch. 
  • The people are made with seed beads in sizes 15/0, 11/0 and 8/0, plus a 4-5mm round bead for their heads. 
  • The furniture uses Japanese cylinder beads (shown with Delicas) for the case pieces, 15/0 seed beads for the fabrics, plus some 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads for legs and feet. 
  • Quantities are given for all patterns, however color numbers are not included.  Use up some of that extra stuff in your stash!
  • The accessories use a variety of seed beads, glass beads, and metal findings. The lamps also use wire or a headpin, and the holiday tree needs one piece of wire. 
  • Both diagrams and word charts are included. The instructions are detailed with written explanations, and over 300 color photographs and diagrams to clarify all directions. 
  • Basic instructions for peyote and brick stitch are not included, however instructions are given for any less-familiar techniques or those specific to this book. 
  • This is NOT a beginner project; however, it can be as big or as small as you would like. Make all the pieces in the book or only make a few. Each one goes fairly quickly. Just make a few pieces for a shadowbox or make them all and the house to put them in.
  • 72 pages, Paperback
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