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  • This book is designed for all the bird lovers who also like to bead. You can create your own collection of beautiful birds.
  • Patterns are for flat even count peyote stitch.
  • Finished size 3" width (76mm) on all patterns.  Length varies.
  • Birds included: an Evening Grosbeak, a Bee Eater, a Cardinal on a winter branch of pine cones, a Painted Bunting, a Parrot, a Hummingbird with flowers, a Rooster, and a Pileated Woodpecker. 
  • All patterns are shown with both a lettered picture chart and a word chart. Directions are given for Even Count Peyote Stitch but could also be worked in Brick Stitch if you prefer. 
  • Patterns are sized for size 11 Delica beads; color references are given in Delica Numbers. Other sizes or brands of Japanese cylinder beads could also be used.  Round seed beads would distort the pattern.
  • 15 - 21 colors including the bird and the background. 
  • 41 pages including cover
  • An introductory chapter explains how to do peyote stitch, as well as advise on thread types, substituting colors, and other useful information. 
  • The leafy edge on the Painted Bunting is a suggested finish.  The pattern is a rectangle.  For the embellished edge, see the individual pattern.
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