Flowers in Free-Form Peyote Stitch PDF

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  • Did you ever want to make a necklace with all the flowers, like the ones you see in the magazines, but didn't know how? Here is your chance to learn. 
  • This book takes you step by step through the process of making beautiful flowers in peyote stitch using just a needle and thread, no wire involved. 
  • All steps are fully illustrated with diagrams and full color photos. Includes some basics on peyote stitch.
  • Patterns include a Fuchsia, Rose Bud, Delphinium, Daffodil, Pansy, Wild Rose, Dogwood, Cattleya Orchid, Oriental Lily, and Hibiscus, plus two leaf patterns. 
  • The backs of the flowers are relatively flat so that they can be used in many applications including wearable art and decor.
  • All the flowers in the book are original patterns not previously published elsewhere. They are not generated by computer software. 
  • The finished flowers are approximately life size and are designed for size 11/0 round seed beads with a few 15/0 round seed beads added to get the correct curves and shaping. They could also be made in larger or smaller sizes by using 8/0 or 15/0 seed beads. Delicas will NOT work.
  • The designs strive for as much realism as possible given the limitations of working with size 11/0 seed beads! 
  • 3-7 colors per flower.
  • This book is not intended for the beginner who has never done any peyote stitch, however a chapter is included with instructions on doing all the techniques in the book as well as advise on selecting beads and thread, keeping tight tension, and other useful information.
  • 59 pages including the cover.
  • PDF copies sold anywhere but this website are in violation of copyright law.

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