More 3-D Butterflies in Peyote Stitch- PDF download format

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  • Ten more butterfly patterns in free-form shaped three dimensional peyote stitch are included in this book. 
  • These are original patterns not previously published in any other venue. 
  • The butterflies are designed to be three dimensional on the front and flat on the back so that they can be used in many applications. Use them in jewelry, as framed specimens, sew them on hats, jackets, handbags, or use as decorations for packages, flower pots, or anything else that needs a bit of butterfly whimsy. 
  • Patterns include Forest Pearl Charaxes, Western Blue Beauty, Angelwing, Charaxes Eurialus, White Peacock, Cattleheart, Cecropia Moth, Anise Swallowtail, Sunset Moth, and Violet Morpho. 
  • Wingspans range from 2.75" to 3.5" (70mm to 90mm). 
  • 6-11 colors (most are seven or eight colors) of size 11/0 Japanese cylinder beads. 
  • The body is made with 15/0 rocailles (round seed beads) but could also be made with 11/0 rocailles if you are not comfortable with the tiny beads. 
  • Odd-count peyote stitch, or brick stitch (brick stitch instructions are not included.
  • Includes lettered diagrams and detaild assembly instructions but does NOT include word charts.
  • The introductory chapter covers everything you need to know to complete the butterflies including a refresher on odd-count peyote stitch, increases and decreases, bead selection, needles and thread, and substituting colors. This book is not intended to teach you peyote stitch if you have never done it before, but if you are a little rusty be sure to read the first chapter.
  • 42 pages
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