A Flock of Butterflies in 3-D Peyote Stitch -PDF version

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  • Some butterflies are the same on both sides, but many have a beautiful design on the top side and something equally beautiful but totally different on the underside. 
  • The nine butterfly patterns in this book are designed to show off both sides of the butterfly. They are three dimensional with their wings up to show both sides. They can stand on their own six legs and have a proboscis and antennae.
  • All the butterflies in this book are original designs, not previously published in any other venue. 
  • The patterns are sized for size 11/0 Japanese cylinder beads with color numbers given for Delica brand beads. 
  • Each butterfly uses 8-12 colors of cylinder beads, except for one that uses 15 colors. 
  • The bodies are 15/0 round seed beads with a wire armature to support the legs and antennae and to hold up the weight of the wings. 
  • The wings and bodies are done completely in peyote stitch. 
  • Skills needed: No basic peyote stitch directions are given so you will need to be able to do even and odd count peyote with increases and decreases at the ends of rows and be able to follow a lettered beading diagram. How to assemble the butterflies is covered in a detailed chapter with 46 color photographs taking the beader through every step. 
  • The wire work involved is very elementary and will be almost entirely covered so if it isn’t too neat, no one but you will know! Only minimal tools are required. The wire cutter and pliers from the toolbox in the garage will work fine, however, it will be helpful if you have round nose piers with a fine tip to make the little loops at the ends of the feet and antennae. If you have ever made earrings you probably already have these. 
  • These patterns are not complicated but they are detailed and require some patience. If you want projects you can finish in a couple of hours, this is not a good book for you. 
  • Copyright (C) Sheila Root.  Exclusive pattern available only in printed format on Amazon or in PDF format from SheilaRoot.com
  • To purchase this book in printed format, click here:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1720608784/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i2

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